one word, so many meanings

what's in a name?

Who knew that one word could comprise the numerous distinctive qualities that define the characteristics of a new marketing firm founded by communications innovator, Stephen McCauley?

Stephen is leveraging his extensive experience as a principal in the world’s largest and most influential public relations firms to create an independent firm dedicated to growing brands and businesses for food, nutrition and wellness clients.

His personal brand promise is to provide his clients with “more ginger” – more spirit, spice, taste, health, creativity, strategic flair and pizzazz that only a true foodie (and natural red-head) can offer.

As a thought leader and convener of the most powerful influencers in the food, beverage, health and nutrition industries, his new firm’s offerings will extend far beyond the capabilities of his staff who may or may not be descendants of Vikings, or other famous Gingers such as Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson or Katharine Hepburn.

Rather, he will support his clients with the intelligent insights and compelling counsel of his considerable “network” of food-fluencers.